The Process of PraShai Tuitions

What we do

The key to our service is getting a good match between our private full-time tutors and part-time tutors and families, and the way we do this is to recruit properly.

First we meet with the family and student(s). We discuss your requirements, your preferences and expectations. Based on this meeting we draw up a detailed job specification, which forms the basis of our recruitment.

Success comes from recruiting the right private tutor:

We have a huge and trusted database of private tutors from all areas in the city. Most of our tutors have done specialization in their particular subject and have good track record of producing A-grade students.

It is this careful, painstaking process that results in such high-caliber candidates and the best match of tutor and family.


Tracking Student Progress

How can you monitor your student's progress? How can you tell whether they have understood certain concept or not?

PraShai Tuitions seems to overcome this barrier. Our policy is to act as intermediary rather than introducer. We always meet with the clients and students, ideally in their own home. So we know the strengths and weaknesses of their student: a study of their past school / collegework, and an informal testing of their pupil will help identify where their abilities are strongest, and their misunderstandings most pronounced.

Regular work assignments should be set for the student, allowing the tutor to see over time their Child’s progress. Perhaps once a month there could be a test, allowing the tutor so assess on a regular basis the child’s progress. school / college work should also be checked, and the student asked what particular areas they are having difficulty with.

Flexible service

We try to be flexible – our draft contract can be altered to suit specific circumstances. Depend upon the student progress, we provide better tutor than prior. Our service is completely private and confidential. We provide ongoing support and back-up throughout the contract period.

Corporate Trainings

We conduct in-house workshops, seminars, communication skills, writing skills, time management and presentation skills. We have corporate trainers who are certified by the various corporate institutes and also have good experience with reputed organization, corporate offices.

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