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If your aim is to improve your aptitude and knowledge base in a particular field, all education pertaining to this subject will useful. If this statement is assumed true, then the benefits afforded by private tuitions are enormous. You will have the advantage of a whole teacher to yourself, with their lesson plans and strategies of teaching designed just for you!


PraShai Tuitions Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2008 with simple orientation to give your child a safe and more pleasurable environment at home which gives you the opportunity to monitor progress more closely.

Vision and Mission:

Our goal is to provide comfort and positive attitude towards the learning by teaching at their home. This will help them to put their energy and time in studying rather wasting in traveling. So that our student will understand the depth of the subject

Our mission is not only to get excellent grades in the exam but also to enhance interest in learning. We believe that, we should not study to get good marks, because learning with deep understanding will help us throughout the life.

Quality and Assurance

The world of education has got immense competition now days. Getting admission in colleges has become tougher than ever. Students are rushing towards different coaching institutes. Parents are spending a lot of money in order to provide quality education.

We take 100% responsibility of the performance, qualification, commitment and behavior of our tutors. And we are sure no one else can give such an assurance like this with this much audacity. We have thousands of parents and students as our happy and satisfied clients as we have been providing tutors in Mumbai city for the last six years.


We know that every child is different and performs differently at home and in school / college. The children differ in their behavior, learning and grasping power. The performance of every child is different and it cannot be compared with one another

In the classroom, one teacher might be faced with about thirty children, every single with different capabilities, different rates connected with learning, and particular person strengths and flaws; yet despite this specific, for the majority of the lesson your teacher will need to treat his class almost like it contained only one student.

If your child is not learning or developing as much as he or she should be it will cause concern. It may be because your child is unhappy or even fearful due to continuing peer pressure or they are struggling with the lessons being taught.

Then PraShai Tuitions is the solution to your worries.

  • We have an Express system to take note of what you need and give you the best choices of tutors! We've got Communicate technique for you to take note of what you require and provide you with the best alternatives of teachers!
  • High quality technical team observing tutors skills and also works 24/7 Days for you. And your child tuition lessons.
  • Experienced private home tutors (English, Math, Science, etc). Wide selection of Diploma/ 'A' levels/ Undergraduate/ Degree, PG, Phd, Msc, MCA, MBA, B.Tech and well trained tutors available!

Corporate Trainings

Our Tutors can trained by well expert trainers, who got good experience in corporate teaching. We conduct in-house workshops, seminars, communication skills, writing skills, time management and presentation skills.

Why PraShai Tuitions?

  • Affordable fee structure.
  • Qualified and experienced tutor.
  • Result oriented teaching pattern.
  • Strong verification process is done for tutors.
  • Only verified tutors will be displayed on website.
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